An exclusive group of owners

At present, our capacity is limited to 12 liveries, which means the atmosphere is calm and professional and there is rarely competition for the facilities.


Our 60m x 30m Martin Collins surfaced floodlit arena affords owners with immense potential to train their horses for dressage, show jumping and showing, as well as giving them a good stretch or longing.  Excellent drainage means the surface is perfect, whatever the weather, although in extreme cold it will be a bit hard.

Cross country course

A large cross country course is currently under renovation.


Thanks to 56 acres of large flat grass pastureland, well-trimmed hedges, good ditches, ponds and other features, a good hack, including jumping over hedges, can be enjoyed without leaving the farm.  Ashton Road is a country lane which can also be hacked, leading to a long bridle path one mile away.


Sommerford Farm Gallops is a good uphill all-weather gallop 5 miles away which can be rented for £10 / horse / day.